In brief, my current research work addresses the issues of sustainability based on computing networks, systems and algorithms.

  • Information Networks and Computing Systems for Smart Grids, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Cities are expanding rapidly, which are consuming more energy and generating more wastes at an alarming rate. The critical issues of sustainability facing in today’s society call for an emerging new breed of information networks that blend with electricity grid, buildings, and environments. We develop novel solutions for improving the efficiency of smart grids, buildings and environments, utilizing advanced information processing, sensing, and intelligent computing systems.

  • Algorithms and Optimization for Applications of Sustainability

Our society is tackling new challenges of sustainability. For instance, how do we balance energy supplies and demands in the presence of future uncertainty? How do we allocate scarce resources effectively, despite the growing complexity? I explore the fundamental side of computer algorithms as applying to the critical problems of sustainability, such as designing appropriate mechanisms for energy allocation and sustainable society. We provide computationally effective approaches through optimizing the computational algorithms in the related management and decision-making processes.

  • Embedded and Mobile Systems for Automobiles and Transportation

Modern transportation systems and automobiles are experiencing a tremendous transformation. Vehicles are evolving to be highly intelligent, computerized and network-enabled systems. Recently, there emerges an accelerating convergence of electronics, communications, and information processing technology in vehicles. Merging vehicles with advanced computing systems, we develop the next-generation intelligent vehicles and transportation systems based on innovative embedded and mobile system technology.

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I have benefited enormously from the help of my students:

Majid Khonji, PhD student.

Muhammad Aftab, PhD student.

Chien-Ming Tseng, PhD student.

Mikhail S. Oparin, PhD student.

Haleimah Zeyoudi, MSc student.

Mohammad Al Hashmi, MSc student.

Yanan Xiao, MSc student.